The 177th Typewriting Eagle Production Company

Never done doing things.


The 177th Typewriting Eagle Production Company was formed in 2019 in Knoxville, Tennessee by Rusty Ralston. A student of Pellissippi State Community College. While it was never incorporated, it's nevertheless managed to be avalable in many different mediums, some experemental, some not-so-much.


My main way of expressing my feelings.
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"All we need to do is to make sure we keep talking." -Stephen Hawking, BT Advert 1994

This is where my stand-up/late late show/weekend update dreams go to flourish. Maybe one day...who knows.

Art commissions

I make Art, as well as Posters, Shirt Designs, Logos, and DVD Covers

Books & Zines

I am currently in the process of writing a couple of experemntal novels, as well as putting out a Zine.

The first edition of the 177th Zine contains the following:

  • Chapter 1 of San Jose, Minnesota: An experimental novel featuring NHL mascots, Space, and Exetential Dread.

  • Chapter 1 of Topside: City of Spirits: Topside Bay, a rainy place that only Redshirts would want to live in. Smog and Toxic Rain, an underground network of sexual assault perpetrators kidnapping people and turning them into rubber slaves, and a police force that only seems to protect those at the top. How do you survive?

  • Doki: 13 Years Later - Episode One Script: Doki and his friends have been around the world, and even to the moon and back, all at the age of only SIX! Now that they're adults, they face their biggest adventure yet: not being crushed by the system.

  • Sally Acorn's SHHHHHRRRREEEEEDDDDDIIINNNGGGG: A Wattpad based story around the misadventures of everybody's favorite character that's been buried in the backyard by progress: Sally Acorn. This Zine contains the first 6 of her stories.

As well as the 4 stories in the Zine, there are plans for a Fifth to be added for future issues:

  • Goat Brain: Joseph Rhys-Jospeh was just a normal guy, however, one day, he started seeing something that nobody else could. A 5-foot tall Goat named Thomas. Thomas can interact with things, yet people don't seem to believe him. Is Thomas really in Joseph's mind, or is there something deeper going on?

More Future works

  • Untitled Liquid Breathing Erotica

  • Hare-Ties

  • Squeeks

  • Three Week Date

  • 31

  • A trip to the edge of the universe

TV & Film

I do go to college, you know. It's not one of those Fancy colleges like Brown or Harvard or MIT or the University of Tennessee, just a small Community College on the Outskirts of the Knoxville Area called Pellissippi State. My Major is Video Production Technology, which basically goes into everything in TV and Film: Editing, Directing, Camera Operation, Budgeting a Film, Scriptwriting, both for commercials and shows, and the other things that go with a TV Broadcast and Film Production. Yes, it isn't a trade job like Welding a thing together or making sure your pipes aren't designed by someone who doesn't know how pipes work, but it's hard work nonetheless.

In this section, you will find a big scope of Ideas for shows that I have lined up, to entertain, to teach, to inform, and to get us thinking. These are devided into Four Categories:

  • Topside: This is basically where all the animated stuff goes. While I have no experience in animation, I know people who are.

  • York: The group of shows that are Live-Action, but may have some elements of Animation bended into them.

  • South: The Film and Factual TV Special division: showcasing Docudramas about TV, Sports, and of course, the Animation Industry.

  • Local: A group of shows made for local stations. With ties to local stations in Knoxville and the Tri-Cities

The Topside subdivision

Doki: 13 Years LaterDive BirdsThe Duck
Life and StuffRip-OffStone Fox Chase
Untitled SpaceX Bunny ShowSpace Jam Movie DreamLjubljana Calling
ConcorI am Afraid we are out of BadgersShocker
DronesUntitled Vivid Dream Murder MysteryUpside Down
Life in the Shadow RhelmOpen SpeciesUntitled Space Anti-Dudebro Sitcom
Trans Loopy De Loop/Quack Pack/Yogi’s Ark Lark revivalUntitled Quick Draw McGraw revivalUntitled Angry Beavers Reboot/Christmas in Space Special
GranadalandCactus the PorcupineHistory Repeats Again (SF53)

The york subdivision

Mayor of Minnesota HockeytownFreecellBody Like a Battle Axe
RevThe Masks the Monsters Wear (based off "Where the Dead go to Die")Untitled Target View Askew-esque Movie
A Raccoon in a Less Than Abandoned HomeOut of the BlueSense of Right
The Mouse (MUSIC ALBUM)Spike Proof SuitAngry Beavers Rock Musical
Crane/BOYUntitled Hokey Wolf Revival FilmUntitled War Comedy
Untitled Good Life-inspired showUntitled Birds in Apartment Buildings in a Chimney.The CBlueG
Untitled Michael Waltrip Racing seriesThe Vol NavyChili’s Menu Treasure Hunt
Pepe le Pew vs The Iron SheikSylvester Murder SceneLewis and Partners


Boxer Bob Armstrong filmFor Wales and the West
Wandering film (includes Bio-Dome done better)TV Special about the 50th anniversary of the 1973 Indy 500
A spiritual successor of Roger Rabbit, set in space 

The local subdivision

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Revival
Mr. Merlin Revival
Local Scifi Host Show
The Hitching Rack
A look into the ETPBS Archives
Local ETPBS Sketch Comedy series
Have I Got News for You USA
Room 101

I'm also in the market to become a Writer/Cast Member for Saturday Night Live. While I know this is unlikely, It doesn't hurt to dream a little.

Plus, I want to start a small band called "Hookturn". I don't have anywhere else to put it, and It's so underdeveloped that I don't feel comfortable having my own section for it just yet, but I can write songs.

Oh yea I also want to be a Wild commentator on WCCO and to help start a WNBA team in Knoxville named after Pat Summitt and I want to write a Eurovision Song about something sad yet absurd, like a Tiny Dragon or a World on Fire

Sixth Television Network Project: GALAXY

This is my idea for a Sixth Television Network.


Based off of an idea of a revival to the Kid's brand QUBO, mixed with Adult Swim, PBS, European Public Broadcasting, and British Satellite Broadcasting (with thankfully 100% less Sitcom Hitler), this network will contain commercials, but only Inbetween the shows. There will be breaks during the show, but they will be intermissions not unlike this one from Czechoslovakia from the 1980s, but a lot fancier...although who can get rid of a basket of kittens and not feel bad?

The commercials will follow what I like to call: "The STER Rules", after the Dutch network for running ads on the three NPO channels in the Netherlands.

  • Absolutely no commercials during a 30 minute-1 hour show. Intermissions are allowed.

  • During a movie or special even then commercials are to be played every 30 to 45 minutes. One intermission is allowed in-between the commercial breaks.

  • During a sporting event, commercials are to be shown every Hour. No intermissions are allowed.

While running an entire Sixth broadcast network with less commercial interruptions may seem like a loss of revenue, member stations can make up the difference by allowing PBS-style memberships of their stations. While Galaxy is not trying to compete with PBS, and is instead trying to offer an alternative service to the 5 other networks (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, and NBC), with shows designed for more niche audiences, like a show about British TV Ads being played right before the movie Marat/Sade.

It may seem ridiculous, but that hasn't stopped anybody before.


An idea inspired by Brock Beard's LASTCAR, which asks the question: "What if the Last Car on the grid gets the most points?" The same principle applies here, but for Formula 1 Check the LAST1 telegram channel after every Formula 1 race for an update to the standings.


Shirt Designs



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